For individuals with 30 days of sobriety, Summit Wellness Center offers a 4 day Br+ treatment for Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS).  Individuals who have completed a traditional inpatient detox from alcohol, opiates or stimulants, or those who have completed a 30 day or longer residential treatment program often still suffer from significant symptoms of PAWS.  The Br+ protocol rapidly restores a sustained feeling of greater mental clarity, improved sleep, improved mood, and greater physical balance from the symptoms of PAWS.


The characteristic of NAD that dramatically elevates it beyond traditional methods for acute detox is how rapidly and effectively it eliminates Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS). PAWS includes such symptoms as sustained low energy, problematic anxious and depressed mood, “brain fog,” and strong cravings. Even after being treated with modern detoxification methods today, problematic PAWS commonly lasts for 3 to 6 months and can persist for 1 to 2 years in sober individuals despite receiving the best available treatments.

PAWS is a major contributor to sustained loss of a return to productivity in work and in relationships, and a major cause of relapse – days, weeks, and months after early sobriety begins.  National data demonstrate relapse rates of approximately 60% for all individuals within the first 6 months of initial sobriety.  This unfavorable recovery rate occurs in spite of receiving standard traditional treatments.

In a collaborative study, Springfield Wellness Center demonstrated  sustained significant reduction in self report of cravings for alcohol and opiates after IV NAD.  Relapse rates were 15% at 17-20 months post IV NAD, and less than 10% relapse rate at 17-20 months for alcohol after IV NAD.  The BR+ protocol greatly accelerates brain recovery and largely erases the suffering of PAWS relative to other traditional medical treatments.

In 10 consecutive days of standard acute detox treatment with I.V. NAD, people typically achieve a level of physical and mental recovery that can take up to 7 months or more for the brain to achieve on its own through continuous sobriety – a physiologic advancement that is beyond the reach of standard detox treatment in residential or inpatient settings in the same short length of time. While major advances typically occur with the initial 10 day treatment alone, many individuals do benefit from and respond further to periodic one day boosters of NAD months later.

Ultimately, the path to full recovery also involves growth through psychological and lifestyle change. There are a variety of ways this can be accomplished based on each individual’s resources and needs. Summit Wellness Center understands this and offers both professional medical mental health assessment, and experienced assessment for aftercare referrals to personalize continuation of care.

Treatment with NAD offers the best initial mental and physical foundation available for beginning the longer term work that leads to a life you want to preserve, protect, and share.