Summit Wellness Center offers a 10 day outpatient treatment program that safely detoxifies patients through stimulant withdrawal under medical supervision.  The BR+ protocol provided at Summit Wellness offers effective acute detoxification from stimulants and perhaps most importantly gives a superior resolution of PAWS. This is essential to creating the physiologic foundation needed to advance to long term recovery.

Detoxification using the Br+ protocol is effective for simultaneous detoxification from stimulants and other substances such as alcohol and opiates.


Stimulants are a class of drug that represent a major risk for dependence and addiction. It includes methamphetamine (crystal meth), cocaine, and prescription stimulants like Adderall. The abuse of stimulants leading to onset of chemical dependence can be very rapid compared to alcohol or opiates. Even though withdrawal from stimulants does not typically represent a medical emergency, individuals still find that stopping use can seem impossible on their own. This can often have a devastating effect on stability in life.

Acute withdrawal from stimulants can include restlessness, irritability, high anxiety, depression, intense cravings, and in the case of meth, a crash that can last for days. Stimulant withdrawal also results in PAWS, or Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome. This is due to imbalances in brain chemistry and function from stimulants that often take many months to heal even with standard treatments and medication.