What is the cost?

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Individual assessment will determine the recommended number of days for each patient.  Duration varies for different conditions being treated.

What is Brain Restoration Plus (BR+)?

BR+ is a proprietary IV protocol that administers a co- enzyme of vitamin B3 along with oral combinations of amino acids, vitamins and minerals developed and initially implemented in a clinical treatment setting by Dr. Richard Mestayer and Paula Norris at the Springfield Wellness Center.

The physical and mental condition resulting from chemical dependence and/or chronic stress related disorders means that the brain is not working correctly because neurotransmission is thrown out of balance. Rebalancing the brain requires detoxification and cell function stabilization. This process renders the patient nearly or completely free of cravings. BR+ is a detox process based upon the patient’s history and their needs in an outpatient setting. It is given intravenously to assist the patient through a comfortable withdrawal while also reducing or eliminating physical cravings. Specially trained nurses under the supervision of a licensed physician, administer each treatment.

Is the treatment safe?

Yes. It is completely safe. Our licensed nurses work under the supervision of a licensed physician who approves a customized treatment plan and reviews each patient’s progress. The intravenous solutions are made by a U.S. licensed compounding pharmacy that meets or exceeds all requirements for safe products intended for IV infusion.

What is the treatment process?

The detox treatment usually takes ten days. The IV infusion varies from day to day. A patient questionnaire and limited physical help provide a medical history and assessment of the patient. The physician reviews the results and develops an individualized treatment plan specifically tailored to the needs of the patient.

Each day of the treatment, a nurse inserts an IV line. The patient relaxes in a lounge chair while the BR+ Detox formulation is slowly infused through the vein. The uncomfortable feelings of withdrawal and cravings subside and remain at bay surprisingly quickly. Between the fourth and eighth day patients typically report feelings of amazing mental clarity.

Infusions are tolerated well and side effects are mild. A patient may experience tightness in the chest, which is not cardiac related, and nausea when the rate of infusion is too fast for their individual tolerance. Side effects disappear when the rate of infusion is adjusted. The severe physical symptoms of withdrawal are reduced and may be eliminated; however, the full protocol is required to complete the treatment and minimize or eliminate physical cravings. Note that following treatment the psychological aspects of addiction still need to be addressed. During the day the patient may watch television, read, eat, and even nap. At the end of the day, the IV is disconnected and the patient leaves the outpatient clinic. It is recommended that the first four days of treatment are supervised by a trusted friend or loved one.

What about multiple addictions?

Based on initial assessment and/or an accurately completed patient questionnaire, BR+ Detox can simultaneously treat addictions to many combinations of prescribed or illicit substances, including prescription drugs, recreational drugs, and alcohol.

Is BR+ a cure for addiction?

The disease of addiction is a chronic illness just like diabetes. There is no cure, and recovery is a long term process. BR+ is a safe, effective management tool that offers arguably the very best opportunity to shed the drug and be more prepared physically and emotionally for the work to achieve long term sobriety and well-being.

Can the patient ever resume use?

No. If the patient uses any mood altering substances after treatment is complete, the brain’s chemical balance will be altered and physical cravings will likely return. However, if a patient does briefly relapse, a simple one or two day booster will be sufficient for restoration provided the patient returns for a booster as soon as possible after using or if cravings return.

After treatment, is normal life possible?

After treatment the patient is no longer physically addicted and may resume a normal life; however, an addicted person will typically not have been leading a normal life for some time. Lifestyle and environment changes will likely be needed. They may require substantial development or strengthening of healthy coping skills to deal with the real stress of living day to day life. An important part of the treatment offered at Summit Wellness Center involves assessing each person’s level of need for continuation of care. Referrals may be arranged for individual, couples, group, or family therapy. Community based resources for support will be shared. Referral to regional Intensive Outpatient Day Treatment or Residential Treatment may be recommended and arranged.

How do I begin?

Call to schedule an appointment. During the assessment a questionnaire and the patient’s current history and current medical status will be reviewed. In some cases, a brief physical and blood tests may be required. The fee is $175 for a formal pre-treatment assessment lasting up to one hour.

Is the treatment program inpatient or outpatient?

The BR+ treatment at Summit Wellness Center is an outpatient program.

How long will I be there each day?

Daily treatment varies from day to day. The first two days typically run from 8 to 10 hours each day. The remaining days usually take 4 to 6 hours per day.

What should I bring?

You may bring any quiet activity as not to disturb others. Internet access provided.  We  ask that phone conversations are kept to a minimum.

It is recommended that you bring a blanket or pillow for extra comfort.

Patients may bring their own lunch or snacks that can be stored at the clinic.

Smoking Policy: There is a designated smoking area outside of the building that patients can use without interrupting ongoing treatment.

Do you accept health insurance?

We are primarily a private pay medical service. We are not a Medicare / Medicaid provider. Some insurance companies or Health Savings Accounts may provide coverage.  You will need to contact your insurance carrier to confirm coverage. Payment is expected at time of service by cash or credit card.  Personal checks must post as cleared prior to initiation of treatment.