Pre-Treatment Assessment

A pre-treatment medical and mental screening needs to occur by phone or in person before beginning treatment to assess appropriate inclusion to receive the BR+ protocol. In some cases pre-treatment laboratory tests may be requested. Summit Wellness Center reserves the right to refuse treatment to any individual based on clinical judgement.  There are a few medical conditions where a recommendation that acute detoxification occur in tertiary care hospital setting would be made.

Treatment Schedule

Patients arrive to Summit Wellness Center in the morning each day of treatment and can return home or to lodging when the prescribed IV drip for that day is complete. The duration of treatment the first 1-2 days can be be 8-10 hours. Subsequent days typically last 4-6 hours.

Upon arrival, an IV will be started by a licensed RN and infusion begins. Patients generally rest in a comfortable recliner. You are free to read, listen to music with headphones, use your own computer with free wi-fi available, or simply nap. There is a common area in the clinic where lunch, snacks, or conversation can occur, and the premises have outdoor tables available for use.  A limit of one friend or family member can be present at the clinic during treatment unless otherwise specified.

Summit Addiction Treatment Interior
Treatment facilities designed for optimum comfort.


It is required for patients receiving the chemical detoxification protocol that a trusted friend or family member transport the patient to and from the clinic over the first several days and stay with them for continuous supervision outside of the clinic. After a few days when patients are feeling noticeably better (approximately day 3-5), they can safely drive themselves. Patients receiving IV BR+ therapy for stress relief, PTSD, or to treat other medical conditions do not require additional support at home or for driving beyond normal personal needs.

Treatment Result

Each patient receives individually designed intravenous (IV) protocols of BR+ under the supervision of trained medical staff. This process improves and promotes healthy brain functioning. At the end of the treatment, the patient’s cravings are either absent or greatly reduced.